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How Cold Weather Affects Your Car

As the days get continually cooler, the weather can definitely have some effects on your vehicle. For example, fluids like motor oil may change consistency and your tires could lose some of their pressure. Nortoil LLC in Lakeland has some tips to help you take care of your car this fall.

Tire Pressure

As the temperatures drop, you tires will definitely be affected. The cold fall nights will cause your tire pressure to decrease. It's important to regularly check your vehicle's tire pressure during the cold seasons in order to ensure it's at the proper level. Under-inflated tires could mean lower fuel efficiency and can cause unnecessary wear on your tire tread. Checking your tire pressure every couple of weeks will help ensure your tires are working at their best.

Thicker Fluids

As the weather gets colder, your fluids will likely get thicker and more sluggish. If fluids like your motor oil are having trouble flowing through your engine they can cause some damage. Thick oil may also make it harder for your engine to start. To protect your engine, consider investing in a reliable synthetic oil that won't be affected by the cold at the same rate that a conventional oil is.

Reduced Fuel Economy

The colder temperatures can also negatively affect your vehicle's fuel economy. Since your car is colder, it'll take longer to reach its ideal running temperature. This means your car will be more strained as it works up to its ideal temperature and use more energy. Avoid letting your car idle as you wait for it to warm up. Instead of wasting gas while idling, start driving after about 30 seconds. Your engine will heat up faster when it's moving than when it is just idling.

Synthetic Oil in Tampa

If you want to reap the rewards of synthetic oil this fall, contact Nortoil LLC in Lakeland. We can help you find all your AMSOIL products in Tampa. Give us a call at (863) 698-1150 for more information or to place an order. Make sure to check out our online store for all your AMSOIL needs.

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