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How to Stop Your Engine From Overheating

Overheating engines tend to be more common during the summer months. If you get stuck dealing with an overheating engine this season, follow these tips from Nortoil LLC in Plant City to successfully prevent any engine damage.

Indicators of an Overheating Engine

If your engine is in danger of overheating your car will give you warning before it's in too much danger. To ensure temperatures stay at their proper levels, always keep an eye on the temperature gauge in your dashboard. If this meter starts to move too far to the right, this is a sign of a heat issue. Another thing to look out for is your coolant indicator light. If this lights up in your dashboard, don't ignore it! This usually indicates that you're running out of coolant and therefore leaving your engine unprotected from rising temperatures. If you continue to drive while your car is experiencing these issues, you can cause serious damage to your engine.

Stop Your Engine

The first thing you need to do if your engine is in danger of overheating is turn it off. If you're stuck in traffic, this may be harder than it seems. To release some of the heat trapped under your hood while trying to pull over, open up your windows and turn on the heater. This will allow hot air under the hood to make its way out, helping to stop temperatures from rising even further. Once you've made your way onto the shoulder or to a safe spot off the road, turn off your engine to avoid damages.

Open the Hood, But Don't Touch Anything Yet

When safe to do so, exit your car and open up the hood. Remember to lightly touch the hood to test how hot it is. If it's not too hot, open it up and leave it propped open for a few minutes. This will allow the hot air to escape faster, helping your engine to cool down quicker.

Let the Engine Cool Before Getting to Work

As you're waiting for the engine to cool, be patient. Don't touch anything under the hood until temperatures have returned to normal. If your start touching things under the hood while temperatures are still high you run the risk of being burned. This is especially true if try to open the radiator cap or coolant reservoir. Remember that not only are things hot to the touch, the liquids inside are also very hot. Opening things under these conditions can cause hot steam and liquids to pour out, leaving you in danger of serious burns.

Fill Up Your Coolant

Once things are completely cool, it is safe to open up the coolant reservoir. Open this slowly just in case things inside are still quite warm. Check the level of your coolant and top it off if it's running low. Remember that low levels of coolant can be an indicator of leaks in your cooling system. While topping off your coolant can get your car to work at the moment, if you have a leak you will be left dealing with the same situation again. Your vehicle's motor oil can also help keep things cool under the hood. For the most reliable protection, give your vehicle a full synthetic oil change in Plant City this summer. Contact Nortoil LLC to find the best synthetic oil deals and specials in Plant City. Call them at (863) 698- 1150 for more information about their range of AMSOIL Oil products or to place an order.

Get Your Car Inspected

Once you refill your coolant and can get your car moving safely, take your car into the shop to get inspected. Overheating is not normal and is a sign of a problem in your cooling system. There are many issues that can cause overheating so it's important that your cooling system gets thoroughly checked out. Leaks can happen in the hoses, the water pump, and the radiator among many other areas. Blockages, faulty parts, loose belts, and even using the wrong coolant can all contribute to overheating issues.

Monitor Your Temperature Gauge

It's a good idea to keep an eye on your temperature gauge whenever you're on the road. If you notice your vehicle is heating up quite quickly or tends to heat up too much, get your car checked before you're left dealing with an overheating engine once again.

Be Prepared for Future Issues on the Road

It's always a good idea to carry an emergency kit in your vehicle. Not only should this kit include first aid supplies, it should also hold important fluids that can help you while you're on the road. Equip your kit with extra motor oil, coolant, and windshield wiper fluid so you're fully prepared during your next outing.

Give Your Vehicle a Synthetic Oil Change in Plant City

synthetic oil change in Plant City this summer will give your engine the best protection all season. Contact Nortoil LLC in Plant City to find best synthetic oil for all of your engines. Stop by their online shop to find a full range of the best AMSOIL products. Call them at (863) 698- 1150 for more information or to place an order.

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