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Stop Your Engine from Overheating

As you drive around in the Florida heat (which basically knows no seasons), make sure you pay extra attention to your temperature gauge. Be aware if your car starts to heat up and know what to do to prevent your engine from overheating. Keep in mind that an overheating vehicle can cause major damage to your engine. To help you out in this regard, Nortoil LLC in Plant City, FL has some useful tips that you can use to deal with an overheating engine when the temperature is rising.

Pull Over and Cool Down

If you notice your temperature gauge is signaling that your engine is getting too hot, pull over as soon as you can. Turn off your engine and open your hood to allow heat to escape and allow your vehicle to cool down faster. Be extra careful with your radiator because it is most likely extremely hot. Don't open the radiator cap while the engine still hot. Under these conditions, it can release some very hot steam and liquid that may cause nasty burns. Check your coolant and fill it if necessary. If you don't have coolant on hand, you can use water in the meantime. If the coolant was the only issue, you should be safe to keep driving. However, if there are other issues, call for help and take your vehicle into the shop before driving it again.

If You Can't Pull Over

If you notice your temperature gauge getting hotter but you're stuck in traffic and can't pull over, there are little things you can do to help. Start by turning off you air conditioner to relieve some of the stress on your engine. Turn on your heater to release some of the hot air around your engine. Make sure to keep your windows open and to point the vents towards the open windows and away from you and your passengers. Pull over as soon as you can in order to prevent causing any damage to your engine.

If You're in Need of the Most Efficient Synthetic Oil in Plant City, FL

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