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Synthetic oil is lab-created in contrast to conventional oil which is a product of the refining process of oil pumped from below. Synthetic oil also contains performance additives and a carrier oil which works to suspend these additives. Synthetic oil of the proper viscosity extends the interval between oil changes and its molecular structure stays more stable in changing temperatures.

Make the change

Flush the engine and then simply change the oil to AMSOIL synthetic motor oil. Use AMSOIL engine and transmission flush. The benefits include the instant cleanup and removal of contaminants rather than allowing the accumulated debris from normal oil to be removed gradually over subsequent oil changes. This is a simple and effective way to give your vehicle a fresh start.

Does synthetic sabotage seals?

This is a common myth and causes confusion in many motorists' minds when deciding to switch to synthetic motor oil. Synthetic oils, like computers, have come a long way since the '70s. Early synthetic oils were made of ester which was harder on neoprene seals. Nowadays, synthetic oil is much easier on engine seals. Even if you started your vehicle on mineral oil, you can switch to synthetic.

The seal of approval

All motor oils pass a seal compatibility test. In older engines with seals varnished over from the inside that have become dry, leaks may occur. High detergent levels in synthetic oils can work to clean these false seals. This may allow for some leakage which will stop after the seals are re-wetted and swell. 

Come over from the dark side

Switch to AMSOIL synthetic motor oil today! DO a simple engine flush, oil change and voila! Your engine will be renewed! Give AMSOIL a call at 863-698-1150. AMSOIL is here to help you get and keep your engine running smooth on synthetic motor oil.

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