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Boost Fuel Economy and Reduce Oil Consumption

If you are due for an oil change and are interested in the benefits of synthetic oil, Nortoil LLC in Lakeland has some  information about just how AMSIOL synthetic oil can help stretch your next refill at the gas station.

Refining Conventional Oils

When it comes to the performance of motor oils, it all starts at a molecular level. When refining conventional base oils , crude oil molecules are separated by weight, which can leave molecules that differ in size and shape. It is this inconsistency that causes your engine to require more energy to circulate oil, which in turn reduces your fuel economy. In addition to this, unstable molecules present in conventional base oils are susceptible to evaporation more readily during conditions of extreme heat leading to the potential of your engine going un protected.

Creating Synthetic Oil

To achieve improved performance, synthetic base oils included in AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are manufactured utilizing a process which results in a consistent molecular structure. In comparison to conventional oils, the smooth consistency of the molecules in synthetic base oils allows the molecules to easily move around each other, resulting in an easier flow throughout your engine. This easier flow has a direct impact on the performance of your engine as less energy is required to operate, resulting in improved fuel economy and reduced oil consumption.

The Best Synthetic Oil for Your Engine

If you are interested in improving the fuel economy of your engine without sacrificing protection, speak with an AMSOIL specialist here at Nortoil LLC in Lakeland on 863 698 1150 about which synthetic oil can get the most out of your engine's performance.

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