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Avoid Autumn Road Dangers While Riding Your Motorcycle

Fall is a great time to head out on your motorcycle. The weather is starting to cool off but hasn't let go of all the summer heat yet. Even though the weather is cooler, some of the road conditions caused by the fall season can be dangerous as you ride. Nortoil LLC in Lakeland has some fall riding tips to keep you and your motorcycle safe this season.

Avoid Riding Hazards

The roads tend to accumulate debris over the fall season. Most of this debris is caused by falling leaves and twigs from trees. As these accumulate, they can cause dangerous situations. While one leaf is ok to ride over, a pile can cause slipping, especially if they're wet or frozen. A pile of leaves can also hide bumps, potholes and sharp objects that may be bad for you and your bike. Avoid having issues with your motorcycle on the road by performing regular maintenance on it.

Be Prepared for the Weather

Fall is great for motorcycle riding because it's not as hot as the summer but not as cold as winter. However, you do need to be prepared for weather changes. It's a good idea to always carry rain gear just in case a storm moves in while you're on your motorcycle. Try to stay warm, especially over long distances, because the cold can cause fatigue more quickly. If you're riding early in the morning or later in the evening when it's coldest out, watch out for frost and icy patches on the road.

Wear Appropriate Riding Gear

Wearing the right gear is important every season of the year. Dressing for fall may be a bit tricky because the early morning temperatures can be quite different from those in the evening. One of the best strategies to beat these weather fluctuations is by layering up. You can stay comfortable and shed some layers as it starts to heat up. If you stored your leather jacket over the summer, fall is the perfect time to start using it again. Don't forget to wear gloves, especially during your early morning commutes when temperatures are at their lowest.

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