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Is Idling Ideal for Your Car in Lakeland?

Idling has long been common practice for many car owners looking to warm up their car before hitting the road, especially in the cold winter months. However, this method of warming up has been proven to be unnecessary and quite harmful. To get the scoop on why idling may be a bad idea, Nortoil LLC in Lakeland has some useful tips.

The Truth Behind Idling

If you idle your car during the cold winter months, you may be surprised to find that this may be causing more damage than good. This useful information will help you understand the negative repercussions of idling your vehicle.

How Idling Affects Your Vehicle

While most people expect idling their vehicle to provide positive effects on their engine's overall health, this practice can actually do the opposite. An idling car can cause strain on your engine and will force it to work in a gasoline-rich mode. This can cause damage not only to your engine, but also to the cylinders, spark plugs and exhaust system. By not idling your vehicle, you can help keep your engine stay properly lubricated and protected. What this ultimately means is a stronger engine with a longer life.

The Negative Effects of Letting Your Car Idle

While your engine is running, even if your vehicle isn't moving, your car will release dangerous contaminants and pollutants into the atmosphere. These chemicals have a negative effect on the environment and can even affect the health of those around. By letting your car idle, you are wasting fuel as well as releasing larger amounts of contaminants into the atmosphere. These pollutants can cause allergies, asthma and even some cancers when inhaled. Since most people allow their vehicles to idle at the start of their day, this usually takes place near a home or sidewalk. Because these areas have high foot traffic, idling becomes more dangerous because of its direct exposure to passersby. Help reduce contamination and human exposure to these chemicals by not idling your vehicle. Making the change from conventional to AMSOIL synthetic oil in Lakeland is a great way to help reduce your carbon footprint! Contact Nortoil LLC in Lakeland to find out more about our AMSOIL products. Give us a call at (863) 698- 1150 for more information or to place an order.

How to Help Reduce Emissions Caused by Idling

If you're still not convinced that idling to warm up your vehicle is an outdated myth, there are some alternatives that will help put your mind at ease as you leave idling behind.

Driving Warms Up Your Car Faster

The idea behind letting your car idle is that it will help your car warm up and perform better. The truth is, however, that driving your car will help it warm up to its recommended operating temperature faster. Not only will this help increase your gas mileage, it will also help reduce unnecessary emissions. Keep in mind that you shouldn't speed off right away, start by gently pressing your gas pedal and ease into higher speeds as your car warms up.

Follow the Ten Second Rule

Allowing your car to idle for longer than ten seconds has been proven to be wasteful and a serious source of contamination. Even if you've stopped idling your car at home, you might still find yourself idling in tricky situations. If you're stuck in a slow drive-thru line, turn off your engine and turn it back on when the line moves. You waste more gas a create more pollution by leaving your engine on than by turning it off and back on again.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change in Lakeland

Many people worry that their engine oil needs to warm up in order to flow better during cold starts. While conventional oil may get thicker, especially during the cold winter months, and be more sluggish, synthetic oil will maintain its ability to flow during cold starts. Its superior fluidity and ability to hold onto its properties in all climates will ensure your engine is better protected all year long. You will have no need to idle your vehicle as you wait for your oil to flow more efficiently.

Synthetic Oil Change in Lakeland

When it comes to better engine performance and environmental protection, there is no doubt synthetic oil is the right answer. If you're looking to reduce your carbon footprint while protecting your engine in all temperatures, a synthetic oil change in Lakeland should be your next step. Contact Nortoil LLC in Lakeland for the best synthetic oil deals and specialsDon't forget to check out our online shop full of AMSOIL's quality products. Give us a call at (863) 698- 1150 for more information or to place an order.

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