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Diesel Boat Fuel Filters

Diesel engines have a fuel transfer pump that sends fuel from the fuel tank to the fuel injection system. In between is a primary fuel filter or water separator and a secondary fuel filter. Cleaning water and contaminants from your fuel is key to keeping your boat's engine clean and healthy. Here is what to look for in choosing the right filter for your boat's diesel engine.

Dual Filters

Diesel fuel is rife with contaminants, which is why many diesel engines employ two fuel filters. For boats, removing water from the fuel is essential, so find a primary filter that does both: separates water and filters the fuel.

Micron Rating

The micron rating tells what percentage of particles of a given size the filter can capture. You should always follow your manufacturer's recommendations on micron levels, but 30-micron filters are safe. Less than that can starve your engine of fuel. You can increase the efficiency of your primary filter by using an oversized filter to diminish the reduction of fuel flow as the filter captures contaminants. Know the micron rating of your secondary filter to help you decide. With the right primary filter, you should very rarely need to change the secondary.

Fuel Capacity

To best choose a filter, you should know your boat's fuel capacity. How many gallons of fuel does your engine need per hour at full rpm? When you know that number, look for filters/water separators with rated capacities of more than 1.5 times that amount.

Vacuum Restriction Gauge

A vacuum restriction gauge attached to your primary filter will notify you if your filter is clogged and needs to be replaced. This may occur before the manufacturer's recommended limits, so it is a useful detector to have.

Fuel Additives

Because diesel fuel contains so many more contaminants than gasoline, consider adding fuel system cleaning additives to your fuel. Ask your supplier for advice.

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